1. What day is my surgery scheduled for?

We will typically give you a surgery date at the time of your visit. Other times we allow you a few days to look at your schedule and to think about what surgical date works best for you. In this case, please contact our office at 850-435-4800 in order to schedule surgery. If you get the voicemail, please leave a detailed message with your name, number, and date of birth and your message will be returned as soon as possible. Our normal surgical days are Monday and Wednesday. Dr. Nilssen performs surgery at the Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center and at Gulf Breeze Hospital.

2. What time is my surgery?

The operating room will contact you 24 to 48 hours prior to your surgery date to give you the specific time to arrive. Please be aware that surgery is an unpredictable experience and your time may be sooner or later than your scheduled time. We make every effort to stay on time, but unexpected delays do occur. Consider bringing some reading material, a crossword puzzle etc. to help make the time go by faster. On the day of surgery, the operating room may also call you to come in earlier if things are moving more quickly than planned. Please be available by phone on your surgical day in case we need to contact you. We respectfully ask for your patience the day of surgery.

3. What about my insurance?

You will receive bills from three separate billing departments: the physician, the facility, and anesthesia. Both our office and the surgical facility will verify your insurance benefits prior to surgery. If there are any problems or concerns you will be contacted. Please understand that your insurance company requires us to collect any deductible and co-payment before the date of surgery. Payment will be expected prior to surgery or your surgical case may be cancelled or postponed.

4. What can help me recover faster?

After your surgery, our office will give you detailed postoperative instructions. It is critical that these instructions are followed to ensure success.

5. What about short term disability or work notes?

You may have short-term disability, Family Medical Leave Act or other paperwork needing to be completed following surgery for your employer. If so, please provide all forms prior to surgery. There is at least a 5-7 day time period to complete all paperwork. Also, there is a one time $25.00 processing fee due before the return of paperwork. This may be paid at the time of drop off, by phone or at pick up. If you would like these forms to be faxed or mailed, please let our office know. A self- addressed envelope is appreciated. Contact us at 850-435-4800 with any questions concerning work leave paperwork.