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Nilssen Orthopedics Expands by Adding Dr. Sonya Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed is a valuable addition to Nilssen Orthopedics because she brings with her expertise in the treatment of disorders related to the ankle and foot. She performs open as well as arthroscopic surgery.

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5 Reasons Not To Wear Flip Flops

When Summer arrives, it’s time to find a pair of flip flops…or is it? Although flip flops represent the onset of Summer, they’re not appropriate for everyday use.

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Things You Should Know About Your Feet

Many times, there are steps that can be taken to prevent the onset of foot pain. Taking care of your feet now by following these guidelines can ward off future problems.

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Alternatives to Ankle Replacement Surgery

While there are times when ankle replacement surgery is the only option, sometimes alternative treatments, such as these, can be used to address ankle arthritis.

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Getting a Total Ankle Replacement Procedure vs. Having Ankle Fusion Surgery

When the quality of life suffers due to pain and the inability to participate in enjoyable activities, surgical intervention should be considered. Understanding the difference between these two procedures can help ensure the right choice is made when planning treatment for ankle pain.

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Symptoms of Ankle Arthritis

Ankle stiffness and pain may be a sign of osteoarthritis. This information can help identify symptoms and understand how the foot and ankle are affected.

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Total Ankle Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

While TAA can be a very good solution for many patients with advanced ankle arthritis, it’s not always the best solution. In general, TAA may not be a good choice for patients with:

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Midfoot Pain: It Could Be a Navicular Fracture

Because of its location in the midsection of the foot, the navicular bone is a common site of fractures, especially among athletes. Navicular fractures can become much worse without proper treatment, resulting in far more serious issues that require much more extensive treatment and can even result in permanent disability.

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Os Trigonum: What You Need to Know

Recurring ankle pain, especially when walking or extending the ankle or heel might be a sign of an extra or “accessory” foot bone called the os trigonum.

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