The Benefits of Orthotics: Everything You Need to Know

Orthotic devices may be prescribed to correct biomechanical foot issues and heal chronic foot problems. Custom-tailored orthotic devices fit perfectly inside the shoe. Due to the ability of orthotic inserts to redistribute stress, individuals who participate in sports, including professional athletes, frequently use orthotics to ease foot pain while they perform.

Why orthotic inserts work

These devices are able to prevent and cure problems related to the foot, and ankle by eliminating or reducing the stress responsible for causing the problem in the first place.

Custom-designed orthotic inserts

At Nilssen Orthopedics Ankle and Foot Center in Pensacola, Fla., we can provide an assessment and recommend what may work best to help possibly correct the issue that our patients may have with a prescription for custom-made orthotic devices.

We frequently use Gulf Coast Orthotics and Prosthetics in Pensacola, FL.

Functional and accommodative orthotics – What is the difference?
A functional orthotic is rigid: Functional orthotics are ideal for solving problems related to the ankle and foot pain that occurs with motion. Accommodative orthotics are flexible, making them the perfect choice for individuals who need cushioning and additional support to relieve pain.

Customized orthotic devices can address numerous issues

At Nilssen Orthopedics Ankle and Foot Center in Pensacola, Fla., we can provide our patients with custom-made orthotic devices to address an array of foot and ankle ailments, including:

Calluses, ulcers and blisters

– These conditions frequently occur when excessive pressure is placed on certain parts of the foot. All three of these conditions are especially problematic for a patient with diabetes. A soft, flexible orthotic device can help prevent these conditions by moving stress away from these pressure points; thus, protecting the skin located in the more vulnerable areas.


– Enlarged bony bump behind the big toe.


– Small, round and deep skin growth that forms on bony areas of the foot subjected to abnormal pressure.

Plantar fasciitis/heel pain

– Custom-made orthotic devices can relieve the pain associated with plantar fasciitis by redistributing the pressure on the foot more evenly.

Flat foot

– Orthotics help stabilize and improve the function of the foot. Orthotic devices for flat feet are available for adults and children who are at least 8 years old. Individuals who have flat feet may be more likely to develop arthritis. The use of custom-made orthotic devices will help limit foot pain and the damage caused by arthritis.

Injuries (shin splints, tendonitis, etc.)

– Rigid orthotics can help relieve aches, strains and pain in the lower legs and back. A rigid orthotic can control the function of the foot as well as the motion within the foot joints; thus, relieving pain associated with injuries.

Hallux rigidus

– Stiff big toe that causes pain upon walking.

Sever’s disease

– This condition causes pain in the heel. Sever’s disease occurs in children and is caused by a growth spurt in which the muscles and tendons that support the heel bone become overstretched. Orthotics can be used to rest the area; thus, allowing it to heal and reducing the stress put upon the heel itself.

Intoeing and out-toeing

– Generally, these conditions are present at birth: although these conditions frequently resolve somewhat with time, custom-made orthotics are still necessary to realign the feet. Left untreated, the child may experience further problems that usually begin in early adulthood. Problems typically include other deformities and pain linked to arthritis.

Ankle pain/foot pain

– Caused by uneven pressure placed on various areas of the foot and/or other underlying conditions.

Diabetic foot ulcers

– Caused by pressure points on the feet.

High arches

– Cause pain on the heel and ball of the foot, as well as the condition plantar fasciitis.

Degenerative foot diseases/osteoarthritis

– There are 33 joints in the foot that can become arthritic. Osteoarthritis causes the wearing away of cartilage within the foot. It also places excessive strain on the joints; thus, leading to pain.

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