Dr. Nilssen

Os Trigonum: What You Need to Know

Recurring ankle pain, especially when walking or extending the ankle or heel might be a sign of an extra or “accessory” foot bone called the os trigonum.

What is a Sprained Foot?

A sprained foot usually occurs when the ankle and foot become abnormally twisted or bent. When a sprain occurs, the injury typically involves one of two areas:

3 Reasons to Shop MRI Pricing

While a consumer may drive out of his or her way to save a few dollars on a tank of gas, many people disregard comparison shopping for their health services: Most likely because they do not realize that they could save a substantial amount of money by shopping around.

A Visual Guide to Achilles Tendinitis

We’ve created an infographic that describes what Achilles Tendinitis is, what the contributing factors are, the symptoms and treatment options.

Can you dislocate your foot?

It is possible to dislocate the bones within the Lisfranc joint of the foot: some injuries affect a single joint; whereas, others disrupt multiple joints.

In-Network Vs Out-of-Network: What You Need to Know

Although treatment from a provider that is not within a network is typically more expensive, there are reasons that patients choose to seek care from providers not contracted with their insurance company.

Hospital Pricing vs. Private Practice Pricing

People frequently don’t realize that taking time to compare health care providers could save them thousands. Although many people receive their diagnostic care at a hospital, the majority do not realize that they can receive identical care for less at another facility.

How long does it take to heal torn ligaments in the foot?

Returning to activities too soon after ankle and foot surgery could lead to another injury, resulting in the development of arthritis, damage to the blood vessels and/or a longer healing time.

Lisfranc Injury: Frequently Asked Questions

A Lisfranc injury can occasionally be mistaken for an ankle sprain, therefore a proper diagnosis is important.