About Nilssen Orthopedics

Welcome to Nilssen Orthopedics Ankle and Foot Center, in Pensacola, Florida, the first dedicated Orthopedic Sports Medicine based foot and ankle clinic to be established in the United States.

Why Nilssen Orthopedics

The Nilssen Orthopedic Center, in Pensacola, Florida, is a multi-disciplinary medical treatment and research facility specializing in all ankle and foot disorders, sports injuries, prevention, rehabilitation, and athletic performance.

We aim to offer the same standard of care to all people whether or not they are involved in recreational exercises, dance, or sports – no matter what level. This continuum of care approach means you have easy access to all aspects of our team, ensuring your injury be treated from the time of diagnosis through full rehabilitation.

Our internal billing system is independent and we pass the savings onto our patients. Once you arrive at the Nilssen Orthopedic Center you will be handed a Phressia tablet to fill out all information and include all billing information. This process saves our patients time and allows us to run a paperless internal billing system.

The Nilssen Orthopedic Team is here to empower our patients to live pain-free through technology, research, science, and patient-focused care. This Center sets itself apart by redefining quality and providing value-based care in a dynamic healthcare environment.

What We Do

While we look after high school, college, and professional athletes, our aim is to offer the same standard of care to all people who are involved in recreational exercise, dance or sport; we “treat the athlete in everyone.”

We are board certified orthopedic surgeons who are also board certified in ankle/foot surgery and who offer the highest level of care using the latest technology, research, and treatments.

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