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Ankle Osteoarthritis

When you are experiencing pain in the ankle, it is often from a type of arthritis affecting this joint known as ankle osteoarthritis.


Lisfranc Injury

This is an injury of the foot in which one or more of the metatarsal bones are displaced from the tarsus.


Syndesmosis Sprain

A syndesmosis sprain, also referred to as a high ankle sprain, occurs as a result of ligament damage in the ankle.


Hallux Rigidus

A form of degenerative arthritis, which can cause pain and stiffness in the metatarsophalangeal joint (the joint where your big toe—the hallux—joins your foot).


Flat Foot

A condition in which the entire sole of the foot touches the floor when standing.


Osteoarthritis of the Foot

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that can cause pain and inflammation in any of the joints in the foot.



A bunion, medically termed hallux valgus, occurs when the big toe leans too far into the second one and causes a swelling on the side of the big toe joint



Hammertoes are a potentially serious problem for people who suffer from poor circulation or diabetes. It is easy to diagnose through a quick examination.


Peroneal Tendinitis/Dislocation/Subluxation

The peroneal tendon’s primary function is to stabilize the ankle and foot, protecting them from sprains. Dislocation or subluxation is common if in athletes.


Ligament Sprain/Instability

When you injure one or more ligaments in your ankle, typically on the outside of your ankle, it is known as an ankle sprain or sometimes called a ligament sprain/instability.


Osteochondral Defect (OCD)

This is any type of damage to articular cartilage and underlying (subchondral) bone.




As founder and guiding force behind the Nilssen Ankle and Foot Center, in Pensacola Florida, Dr. Nilssen devotes his passion for service to building the most premier center in the world. In addition to his practice, he also devotes time to mentoring both Sports Medicine and Foot & Ankle Fellows through the AREI Dual Fellowship Program.



Sonya Ahmed, MD is a board certified and fellowship-trained Orthopedic Surgeon with expertise in treating disorders of the foot and ankle. Her surgical interests include arthroscopic and open treatment of all foot and ankle disorders, including athletic and reconstructive procedures as well as cartilage transplant procedures.




Dr. Ahmed is amazing and the staff including the Physical Therapy group are top notch. I'm so glad I found this group to handle my ruptured achilles and would recommend them to anyone.
Cindi P.
03:44 01 Sep 21
Absolutely professional and state-of-the-art orthopedics. great patient-professional communication.
Cindi R.
21:05 07 Jul 21
I highly recommend the Physical Therapy Department. Awesome Therapist, Charlotte! Thank you for identifying the issue with Maegan.
LaVerne R.
23:50 08 Apr 21
I highly recommend Dr Ahmed as a skilled surgeon and communicator. My husband had a great result on his ankle surgery last year. The whole staff is capable, helpful and friendly. We are very pleased to have benefited from Dr. Ahmed’s expertise!
Shauna M.
13:49 08 Apr 21
Dr Nilssen and his staff are the best! They give you good information and take good care of you from pre-surgery to full recovery. And everyone is kind and helpful. You will not be disappointed.
Beth Davis L.
05:13 09 Feb 21
Very caring and professional staff. Evan is the absolute best!
Serena A.
20:23 13 Nov 20
Dr Ahmed is wonderful!!!!!!! She did a fantastic job on the surgery she did to my husbands broken heel. Totally recommend her, already recommended her to my sister in law who is going to make a appointment to see her!! The whole staff there are super friendly also.
Elaine Keating R.
19:15 13 Nov 20
so happy to finally get answers went through alot of doctors finally got answers
Heather McCawley H.
17:30 08 Jul 20
Just finished my last laser treatment. I am PAIN FREE for the first time in over a year!!! I mean the kind of pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night and it's so bad you contemplate chopping off your own hand just to get some relief. I was facing an $800 never conduction test that wasn't going to do anything for me and surgery that was going to put me out of commission for 2 to 3 months (ain't no body got time for that)! I cannot say enough nice things about the staff. They were all so nice and helpful. They obviously love helping people. If you have chronic pain of any kind, do yourself a favor and check this out!!! 85 to 95% success rate. 100% success in my case!
MeLinda S.
18:33 02 Jun 20
Dr. Ahmed is the best she explains everything and is very thorough
Lee S.
00:18 23 Apr 20
Dr. Ahmed and her staff were top notch!!! I could not have asked for more attentive, professional, personal attention. Thank you!!!
Kim Hudson B.
16:50 20 Mar 20
He is simply the best He takes his time to answer all of your questions. He’s on the cutting edge of all things associated with the foot and ankles.
Barbara W.
11:39 18 Feb 20
Short wait time. Pleasant manner of Dr Nilssen.
Gloria Wilson H.
18:35 16 Feb 20
Dr. Nilsson was very clear about my diagnosis and the procedure to repair it. He explained everything and answered the questions I had. Evan was very helpful about working with my schedule.
Tauna M.
11:48 16 Feb 20
Dr. Ahmed is an amazing surgeon- she wants her patients to be able to get back to the activities and sports that they enjoyed prior to their injury. She’s very smart and she only performs surgery when it is absolutely necessary. She has a great bedside manner and I can tell she really cares about the outcomes of her patients. Her staff is equally as amazing. Libba at the front desk made sure all of my paperwork for insurance was perfect and on time. Danielle answered every single question I had before and after surgery and she was always very patient and sweet with me. Justin is great- he’s very personable, and he makes you feel more at ease about having to wear a splint and cast for weeks (he also takes his time when replacing your splint or cast so that he is sure it will be as comfortable as possible). All-in-all, I have nothing but praise for Dr. Ahmed and her office. If you want to be in good hands, I highly recommend her!!!
Rachel B.
23:51 16 Jan 20
Today was first surgery. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous. But the nurses, anesthesiologist, and Dr. Nilssen clearly explained everything and did their best to put me at ease. The procedure was over before I knew it.
Nathan H.
00:42 08 Jan 20
I found my experience with the office really good. There was no complaints whatsoever. I found everybody to be accommodating.... I have full confidence in Dr. Nilsson and his professional staff!
Brenda K.
00:24 02 Dec 19
Thank you again Dr Nilssen. With each new milestone I realize that I am only physically able to achieve them thanks to your expertise in my surgery. 1 year after surgery (2016)Michael and I won the Hobie 20 national championship and this year in November we are thankful to be a part of team USA at the Hobie 16 World Championship.
Truly I wouldn’t be able to continue to compete in this sport I love if I hadn’t found you to fix my ankle.
Krista V.
17:47 20 Oct 19
Personable, frank, great staff, gives full disclosure, you walk out full of knowledge and confidence!
Jerry U.
21:24 09 Oct 19
Dr. Ahmed did my ankle surgery yesterday morning. I had my last 2 ankle surgeries at another institution out of town 15 years ago and had a rough recovery leading me to this third one. This time was a fantastic experience! From the first visit with Dr. Ahmed and Danielle to the actual surgery yesterday I have been impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and caring nature of Dr. Ahmed, the staff at Nilssen, and Andrews. Thank you for taking such good care of me and setting me up for a smooth recovery!
Michelle Lynn K.
23:08 01 Oct 19
Best foot/ankle doctor around. Great staff.
Michael H.
20:50 18 Sep 19
Dr. Ahmed is an amazing doctor and surgeon. I had 2 surgeries on my ankle a week apart. The personal care and concern I received was incredible. An outstanding team, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Very grateful to Dr. Ahmed and Justin during the healing process. Thank you.
Tonja J.
19:45 26 Aug 19
Doctor Nilssen is a great Doctor and really knows what he is doing. God Bless you for all your great work...!!!
John W.
16:10 17 Aug 19
I appreciate the doctors and staff at Nilssen Orthopedics. Not my first ortho surgery - so I have other great experiences as a previous benchmark. These are professional and compassionate people. Thanks to each one!
Marianne C.
00:29 29 Jul 19
Absolutely 100%. Dr. Nilssen saved my husband's foot.
Debbie Park D.
00:01 25 Jul 19
Dr. Ahmed knows her stuff and takes the time to listen to her patients. I enjoy Amanda and Scott in PT. I don't feel rushed in either office.
Felicia M.
18:49 24 Jul 19
Dr. Ahmed and her team were outstanding. She reached out to check on my son post op for several days even through the weekend. The care she and her staff provided was exceptional and I highly recommend Dr. Ahmed!
Angel Cole W.
02:49 12 Jul 19
very professional am looking forward to a successful surgery
William S.
02:16 30 Jun 19
My initial visit was awesome. Dr Ahmed was very professional and explained my treatment and upcoming surgery very thoroughly. She and her associates made me feel very comfortable with my decision to use Nilssen Orthopaedics. The staff there are amazing! I felt very comfortable in their care! Thanks to everyone at Nilssen Orthopaedics
Tommy H.
23:00 30 May 19
Dr Nilseen is a wonderful person and an excellent surgeon. I would highly recommend him.
Sunny H.
23:23 27 Mar 19
Dr. Nilssen did a wonderful job on my ankle repair surgery. The staff is helpful and friendly and appointment times have been punctual with little wait time.
Amy P.
15:38 04 Mar 19
Dr. Nilssen and his staff are at the top of their field. I highly recommend Nilssen Orthopedics. I had a severely deformed right foot that Dr. Nilssen felt he could correct. He did. I am so pleased and grateful for such fine work.
Wendy J.
21:39 26 Feb 19
Dr. Nilssen and his staff are amazing.
Brandi T.
09:09 17 Feb 19
Dr Ahmed is amazing. She gave my daughter outstanding care! She went to her with complications after a broken Sesamoid bone in her right toe. Dr Ahmed found the problem and also diagnosed plantar fasciitis. Prescribed special shoe inserts and an apparatus to wear at night. My daughter suffered for a year through different doctors. I wish we would have found her sooner, but I am so thankful for her now.
Jodi L.
15:50 09 Feb 19
I feel like a valued patient at Dr. Ahmed's office. All my concerns were addressed, and my questions answered. I feel comfortable going into surgery knowing I will be well taken care of. The office staff is friendly and professional, and Dr. Ahmed took the time to explain everything and helped me to understand what would be taking place and what to expect after the surgery. I know I am in good hands.
Gail B.
02:23 06 Feb 19
Awesome team of professionals!
Bailey C.
19:21 03 Feb 19
I absolutely love Dr. Ahmed and the staff here! The office is efficient and beautiful. My care and treatment were top notch and I would definitely refer anyone in need of orthopedic care to them!
Robin King H.
15:42 03 Feb 19
Dr. Ahmed is such an awesome person and doctor! The office space and staff are very accommodating and professional. I hope I don’t have anymore injuries, but if I do, Nilssen Orthopedics will be my choice.
Michael M.
19:45 25 Jan 19
Dr. Nilssen and his staff are AMAZING!! Had ankle replacement with another doctor 5 times in 2 years (same doctor). It was getting worse. I couldn’t walk for over 800 days. Went to Dr Nilssen and 2 surgeries later (corrective and repair) and only 103 days later I’m walking! I tell everyone I know about Nilssen Orthopedics. They will never know how much I appreciate what they’ve done for me and how they fixed what had been done. I can go back to living. Thank you!!
Penny Price S.
01:59 14 Jan 19
Dr. Ahmed and her team were absolutely wonderful start to finish with my foot surgery in 2018. Recovery time was easy and no issues at all. I would highly recommend this group to anyone in need of surgery or other services in the Orthopedic line of medical services.

Lori Kain
Gulf Breeze, Fl.
Lori K.
19:18 02 Jan 19
Dr. Nilssen and his staff is great. Would highly recommend him. Justin is one in a million...
Rena Lowery B.
20:40 13 Aug 18
I Have been Blessed to have Dr Erik Nilssen in my Life, When I first saw him he looks at my foot and said, its amazing your walking, he said we will come up with a plan, he made no promises but he did say I will get you in a better place, He has done that! He treated me and all his patients with the same care for his MILLION DOLLAR PATIENTS!! I TRULY LOVE THIS BROTHER, JUST WISH I WOULD HAVE MET HIM 25YRS AGO AND 21 SURGERIES AGO!! FEELING BLRSSED! DR ERIK NILSSEN DEFINES #JAZZANDFLOW THAT LIFESTYLE
Michael D.
07:53 13 Jul 18
I love Dr. Nilssen and his staff they are family and make you feel as such. And boy can they dress!!! I see you Dr. Nilssen just a sharp as a tac as my grand ma would say. See you in 6 weeks!
Kiyasha B.
14:41 05 Jun 18
Tara Gilliland R.
01:21 13 Apr 18
No nonsense approach, efficient, professional and friendly
Jean Helgeson H.
19:07 12 Apr 18
Chrystal Fowler M.
15:14 22 Mar 18
I absolutely love Dr. Nilssen and his staff. Justin and Evan went above and beyond after hours to help get a few things situated the night before my surgery. They get you in on time, and don't make you wait! Dr. Nilssen is incredibly knowledgeable and so compassionate. He is the best! I'm so thankful I found his office.
Andrea C.
01:03 15 Mar 18
Loretta Mazarac F.
16:43 15 Feb 18
Always had the doctors full attention and he took time to talk to me about my injury. Awesome staff as well. Always got a call back and received the care I needed.
Lindsey A.
17:34 18 Jan 18
I have had a great experience with Nilssen Orthopedics. Friendly staff and Dr Kronlage is absolutely the best hand specialist ever.
Diane Blackburn R.
16:56 11 Jan 18
the doc and his staff has been great. the surgery went very well everyone at the hospital was great and very professional. they even called to follow-up with me afterwards
Tammie H.
18:30 06 Jan 18
Cyndi MacDonald K.
16:31 20 Dec 17
I have had a great experience Nilssen Orthopedics. Everyone there has been great with me. Dr. Nilssen did a great job on my foot. If I ever have to have anything else done I will definitely go there!!
Becky Bowers N.
22:27 14 Nov 17
Tracey H.
20:57 30 Oct 17
Absolutely the friendliest most advanced staff one could expect from such a well known trusted practice!
Shane W.
18:58 26 Sep 17
I wish would found this dr. years ago! By far the best! Not only has he fixed my ankle, he works on your relationship with god�
Alena N.
19:54 16 Sep 17
Dr. Nilssen & his staff are wonderful & always able to answer any questions!
Marsha Black P.
17:24 28 Aug 17
Dr. Nilssen is AMAZING!!! After being told I have ankle instability I was scared to death of surgery. He and his staff took great care of me and I am beyond thrilled to say that surgery was a SUCCESS! I would highly recommend him! Thank you so much Dr. Nilssen and staff for everything you did for me. You guys are awesome!
Shannon-Shane J.
22:15 17 Aug 17
Jennifer Mankins N.
21:14 28 Jul 17
Mary C.
21:14 28 Jul 17
Keewaju M.
01:41 12 Jul 17
Ann Pruett C.
00:13 01 Jun 17
Dr. Nilssen is fabulous everyone is so caring and helpful. They are great at answering your questions and will help you in any situation.
Katy B.
16:32 28 May 17
He was amazing. When i was nervous he helped me calm down, and expressed our. eat options. He treated me like his own kid. He has a way of making you feel like you can express your opinion and I find that rare in a doctor. He works magic!
Abby G.
04:07 11 May 17
10 Star Rating !!
I wouldn't be walking, if it weren't for Dr. Erik Nilssen and his wonderful, professional, staff.
Everyone at Dr. Nilssen's office IS FAMILY !!
Greg P.
23:25 28 Apr 17
The staff is very helpful and take the time to answer your questions and concerns. Dr. Nilssen was extremely confident in my full ankle replacement and was the first Dr I have visited with this much confidence of my full recovery. I am 12 weeks into the recovery process and physical therapy. I am looking forward to my visit again in 8 weeks to see the results.
Susan P.
21:59 31 Mar 17
Dr. NIlssen is excellent! I have been to him several times and referred several friends who have been very impressed. His staff is really good about getting an appointment scheduled very promptly. He gets 5 stars from me!
Pat Massey F.
18:45 23 Feb 17
Dr. Nilssen removed a neuroma from my foot 1 year ago and more recently had another removed by a different doctor. I had much less post surgical symptoms after the surgery performed by Dr. Nilssen. I will definitely go back to him for the next surgery as I have more neuromas. Dr. Nilssen and his staff are very professional and friendly!!
Tara M.
21:01 14 Feb 17
Being born with clubfeet 39 years ago, I've seen my fair share of orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Nilssen is by far my favorite.
Amanda A.
18:41 09 Feb 17
Great facility, great doc!!! Can't wait to see his business continue to grow!!
Andrea Hassall S.
22:29 27 Jan 17
A friend referred me to Dr Nilssen and I'm so thankful. I have had two surgeries, the first in September 2016 and the second in December 2016 for bunion removal. The procedures weren't bad, outpatient. However, I was shocked at how painful the recovery has been. The care and concern shown by Dr Nilssen and his staff has been amazing. I'm glad I had the procedures done and highly recommend Dr Nilssen and his team.
Debbie Henderson L.
23:03 11 Jan 17
Denise Williams H.
15:57 31 Dec 16
This was my second procedure using Dr. Nilsssen, the man knows his business! If you have issue with your feet don't waste your time on other doctors!
His new office is amazing! On my first visit I had the MRI on site and procedure scheduled, words can't explain how easy he has made it to get better.
Michael F.
21:13 16 Dec 16
Dr Nilssen has preformed two different procedures on my ankle and both times I experienced wonderful care and results. At one time, Dr Nilssen was treating 3 members of my family and 2 very close friends. We were all very pleased with his care and expertise. I would go to NO ONE else! He is the BEST!
Virginia W.
22:35 15 Dec 16
My friends who are surgeons unanimously referred me to Dr Eric Nilssen, when my ankle was broken. His office arranged my fist appointment on a Monday morning following Vereran's weekend, after I contacted them about 4 pm on a Friday afternoon. Dr. Eric and his staff were spot on.

I had issues post surgery with my initial cast and Justin was immediately responsive. Immediately, he had me come into the office and removed the old cast and replaced it with great care. Many of us don't realize the impact of the cast on tour body part and being sensitive to it is very important.

I would only go to Dr Nilssen for ankle issues. I'm one week post surgery and will review again once I'm off the cast, crutch and back to normal.
Pandora de B.
21:26 23 Nov 16
As one of Dr. Nilssen's earlier patients in the area, I have referred many to his care. After several ankle fractures and reconstructions, his expertise has had me walking in 3 inch heels, scuba diving and walking without a limp or pain since he resolved the issues.
Extremely smart, innovative and patient focused, I would not recommend another specialist for foot and ankle care. With such vision and commitment to care, start and end your care plan with his team. It will be time and money well spent.
Rachael M.
20:15 25 Oct 16
Kristi W.
17:49 11 Oct 16
Clark B.
13:32 07 Oct 16
Mike C.
19:03 04 Oct 16
Elizabeth W.
17:50 01 Jul 16
Tippi DeWeese L.
01:45 20 Jun 16
Dr. Nilssen operated on my ruptured achilles tendon. First Class service overall. Treated me so well. There is no email or phone call unanswered. I highly recommend Dr. Nilssen and the staff at Andrews Institute for your orthopedic problems.
Jacque W.
23:59 15 Jun 16
Jose A.
07:45 07 Feb 16
He repaired a severed tendon in my son's foot and treated my daughters broken foot. Awesome, super talented, great bedside manners. We highly recommend him. Thanks again for the great care that you provided us.
Charles H.
05:49 06 Nov 15
Dr. Nillsen is a hero! He has been blessed with an incredible gift. We are eternally grateful to him and his staff!
Karen Walker S.
23:08 03 Nov 15
Dr. Nilssen is my foot specialist/surgeon. I am a teacher and I am thankful for the services that he provides. The office has the most updated technology/equipment. The office staff is friendly and timely on scheduling and questions. Great Medical Treatment, Care and Follow Up ! ! Our local area is blessed to have a doctor who is honest, upfront and forthcoming with treatment, outcomes and expectations to all patients. I highly recommend his services as a specialist and surgeon for anyone. I will definitely request Dr. Nilssen for any future surgeries for foot/ankle.
Michelle McBride T.
01:38 28 Oct 15
My surgery changed my life. I could never thank him enough.
Melody J.
20:00 23 Oct 15